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Calm4Kids is aiming to be the largest children’s yoga inspired activity in Australia offering classes for children from walking age to seven years with our programs taking the adventure through to Pre-Teen in the future.

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Calm4Kids classes bring stories to life through specially developed moves inspired by yoga. Combining fun with exercise, children go on wild adventures where they may roar like a lion, fly like a bird or blast into outer space!

Fully Inclusive

All children can do

Children are encouraged to be vocal during a class and express their emotions physically. Through creative visualisation techniques we help children believe they are unique and special.

Improve Concentration

Balancing postures help children to focus their mind and concentration techniques keep the mind in one place instead of letting it wander.


There is a big emphasis on children having fun in a Calm4Kids class, we take children on wild adventures and encourage them to use their creative imagination.

WHY Calm4Kids

There is a big emphasis on children having fun in a Calm4Kids class, we take children on wild adventures and encourage them to use their creative imagination.  Calm4Kids is fully inclusive and non-competitive and above all, FUN, the child is always the Hero in their story.

Calm4Kids in one form or another, has been successfully delivering yoga inspired classes to children since 2003. Our classes are designed to encourage children’s learning and development from toddlers to eight years. Through a combination of storytelling, action, songs and moves inspired by yoga, we create a magical class where children learn whilst having fun.

We pride ourselves on our excellent team of teachers operating across Australia. All of our teachers go through rigorous training and are assessed before becoming Calm4Kids teachers.

There are many physical and emotional benefits for children attending a Calm4Kids class:

Physical Benefits:

  • Strengthens muscles
  • Balances energy levels
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves respiratory and circulation
  • Improves digestive systems
  • Maintains joint mobility
  • Develops good posture
  • Improves flexibility

Emotional benefits:

  • Improves self-confidence
  • Releases day to day anxieties
  • Improves memory retention
  • Improves concentration
  • Increases the ability for children to learn more easily
  • Develops creativity
  • Promotes healthy sleep patterns
  • Allows children to express their emotions physically

We are committed to ensuring children and young people achieve their full potential and enjoy a healthy, safe, and happy life.